Vaccine prices

The totalt price for you vaccination is a result of: price for vaccine appointment + price for each vaccine + administration fee per vaccine.

Consultation for travel vaccines

Vaccine appointment 1-3 persons390NOK
Vaccine appointment 4-5 persons330NOK
Administration fee per vaccine200NOK

Vaccine prices

The price for each vaccine is in addition to the price for the consultation.

Hepatitis A vaccine (Havrix)276NOK248NOK
Hepatitis B vaccine (Engerix)234NOK199NOK
Hepatitis A+B vaccine (Twinrix)531NOK
Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis and polio vaccine (Repevax)255NOK256NOK
Typhoid vaccine (Typhim VI)203NOK203NOK
Rabies vaccine (Rabipur)516NOK516NOK
Japanese Encephalitis vaccine (Ixiaro)839NOK839NOK
Meningococcus A, C, Y and W vaccine (Nimenrix)389NOK389NOK
Meningococcus B vaccine (Bexsero)997NOK997NOK
Cholera vaccine (Dukoral, singel dose)325NOK325NOK
Cholera vaccine (Dukoral, double dose)610NOK610NOK
Yellow fever vaccine (Stamaril)381NOK381NOK
Tick borne encephalitis vaccine/TBE vaccine (Ticovac)370NOK350NOK
Shingles (Shingerix)1921NOK
Dengue fever (Qdenga)977NOK
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