Renew your prescription online?

Thankfully it is very easy to renew your prescriptions with us. Just log in with BankID, send your request and your prescription will be renewed by a doctor within two hours.

How it works

Person sitting down and holding phone.

1. Log in to Kry

Log in with BankID in our app or in browser. Choose prescription renewal and state which medication you want to renew.

Smiling Kry-doctor

2. Send request

A doctor will handle your request. You will get a notification in your Kry-inbox when your prescription is renewed - usually within two hours.

Woman at pharmacy

3. Pick up medicine

You can pick up your medicine at the pharmacy of your choice, or choose to get it delivered to your home if that is easier for you.

Renew prescription

What does it cost?

We only renew prescriptions for adults.

Prescription renewal295NOK

In most cases, we renew the prescription for one withdrawal or for a maximum of three months, with the exception of allergy medicines, potency drugs and birth control pills that can be extended for a longer period at a time.

Our doctors can not renew prescriptions for medicines such as:

  • are potentially addictive, so-called A- and B-preparations.

  • you have not picked up at the pharmacy in the last 15 months.

  • usually used for limited periods, such as antibiotics.

We follow professional guidelines when we prescribe antibiotics, and a physical examination and/or laboratory tests could be neccessary to give the right diagnosis.

This applies, among other things, to:

  • sore throat

  • lower respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis or suspected pneumonia

  • ear infection

  • urinary tract infections in pregnant women, children under 15 years and men / boys.

At the moment we can not renew prescriptions for children.