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It should be easy to take care of your mental health

Sometimes life can feel challenging. If you are going through a period that affects your sleep, relationships, work and general well-being, you may want to seek help to get advice on how to feel better.

Do you prefer talking to a psychologist in person?

We offer psychologist appointments at Kry VIA in Oslo.

A safe, simple and flexible offer

Through a video call with one of our experienced psychologists, you will experience being seen and listened to. Together you will find a solution for the best way forward for you.
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Book appointment and answer a few questions in the app so the psychologist can prepare to meet you. If you have taken a self-test, this can also be used as a starting point.
Talk to a psychologist
It is up to you what you want to talk about. The psychologist will help put your feelings into words and create a safe environment over video.
What happens afterwards?
The psychologist will give you advice and recommendations. If you wish to speak to them again, the psychologist can arrange a new meeting.

Speak to a psychologist this week

There is always short waiting times for our appointments, and you do not need referral. Speak to the psychologist on your mobile, PC or tablet - in familiar and safe surroundings.

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Get to know our psychologists

All our psychologists have broad expertise and many years of experience. It is up to you who you want to talk to.

I have extensive experience of meeting people who struggle with anxiety, depression, stress and worries, difficult events in adolescence, conflicts or challenges in close relationships.

Hi! I use something called cognitive behavioral therapy. This means that I adapt the therapy to your needs. I can also offer conversations in several languages, including Urdu and Punjabi.

What does a video meeting with a psychologist cost?

45 minutes1245 NOK
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Do you need psychological help?

If you are unsure whether you need to talk to someone, you can get an indication on your mental health status by taking one of our free self-tests.

Mental health self-test

Our free self-tests for anxiety, depression and stress are useful tools to get an indication on your mental health status.

Read more about our self-tests for mental health


Sometimes stress is a positive reaction. However, when the stress reaction lasts over time it can have negative consequences.

Read more about stress


When you are depressed, the heavy periods last for a long time and affect sleep, relationships, work and leisure.

Read more about depression


If fear and dread go beyond quality of life and function in everyday life, it is called an anxiety disorder.

Read more about anxiety

Grief and loss

Grief is a natural reaction to the loss of something or someone that meant a lot to us. Grief is more than just ordinary sadness.

Read more about grief and loss


Loneliness hurts, and it can feel difficult to see a way out. Remember that you are not alone in feeling this way, and that there are steps you can take on your own.

Read more about loneliness

You must be over 18 years old to talk to our psychologists. You easily book your appointment in our app on mobile or browser.
Log into the app
Log in with BankID. Choose to book an appointment with a psychologist.
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Answer a few short questions and choose a time and psychologist that suits you.
The psychologists calls you
You will receive a reminder to log in before your appointment. When it’s time for your video call, the psychologist will call you directly in the app.
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Frequently asked questions

Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Contact us at or call [23 65 34 30] (tel:23653430) and we will help you.

If you have urgent thoughts about taking your own life, call 113.

If you experience a problem that you need immediate help with, you should contact the emergency room on 116 117, or another available medical service.

About Kry

Kry offers a broad and digital health service to private individuals, companies and insurance companies, and has been in Norway since 2017.

We have around 90 skilled doctors, psychologists and nurses with Norwegian authorization.

With over 6 million completed video consultations, Kry is Europe's largest digital health service.