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Our psychologists are here to listen and to help you. You can have your appointment at our clinic in Oslo or over video.

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A psychologist can help with a lot

When life feels challenging, it can be useful to talk to a professional with an outside perspective. If you are going through a tough period that affects your sleep, relations, work or general well-being, you may want to seek help, and work together with a psychologist on how to feel better.

A psychologist can also assist if you want to utilize your inherent potential to the full, and support you with developing your characteristics and resources.

You can easily book your first appointment, and choose if you want to come to our clinic in Vika, Oslo or have your appoinment over video.

In conversations with a psychologist you can get

  • help to reduce symptoms and ailments

  • support to cope with challenging life phases and crises

  • consultancy related to specific problems

  • guidance to promote own reflection

  • tools to promote your strengths and skills

  • support for constructive self-management and management of others

Our psychologists

Chemistry is important for a good relationship in therapy. Find the right psychologist for your needs by reading more about them here.

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Are Grov


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Meet our psychologists

Testimonials from our clients

The psychologist was very skilled, down-to-earth, and where I might have otherwise experienced meeting psychologists or doctors who might have a slightly top-down view, I did not experience that here. There is a short waiting time to get an appointment, where otherwise in the public sector you have to wait 3-12 months for a psychologist appointment. Thank you very much.

I have received treatment from Kry in connection with relational challenges, brooding, anxiety and sleep problems. The psychologist's method and appearance made it very natural for me to open up and speak freely. After a few treatments, I noticed a good improvement and got both an increased quality of life and motivation. I have been helped to see things in new ways, better understanding/acceptance of my own feelings as well as techniques to work on myself. Can't recommend highly enough.

Got tools that helped me deal with situations that I can experience as stressful. Very good process that has helped me a lot.

This is what we can help you with

If you are unsure of what you are feeling, together with the psychologist you can come up with what can help you exactly. Our psychologists welcome all age groups and offer individual sessions, couples therapy, family sessions, and guidance for parents.

Difficult emotions
Life stresses
Brooding and worry
Self development
Work related challenges
Leader development
Relational challenges
Couple relationships
Relative role
Family life
Anger management
Eating disorder
Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Postpartum depression
Maternity leave
Involuntary childlessness
Children and youth

What does it cost?

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This is how we work with you

Individual conversations

In these conversations, the psychologist will help you solve inner problems and develop yourself. All people have certain ways of relating to themselves and others: thoughts, feelings, bodily experiences and actions are connected and repeated. In therapy, we try to identify the patterns, understand them, and create change where there is a need for it.

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Couples therapy

Several of our psychologists welcome couples who want to create a positive change in their relationship so that they can get on better together. We can help couples in all phases of life and with different types of challenges. It can be about everything from strengthening the relationship or preventing conflicts, to solving problems or changing bad dynamics. Read more about what we can help with, about our couple therapists and book their first consultation.

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Development conversations

In development interviews, the psychologist works to help you achieve your personal or professional goals. In that context, the focus is on increasing understanding and self-awareness, supporting you in developing skills, promoting positive personal qualities, increasing motivation and ability to perform, and facilitating mastery experiences.

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Therapy for children and teenagers

The offer is suitable for children and young people who experience difficulties and challenges that they are unable to handle on their own or with the help of their loved ones. Through mapping and assessment of the kind of difficulties and challenges the individual experiences, the psychologist will assess what type of treatment and measures should be initiated.

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Parental guidance

In parental guidance, the psychologist will listen to your challenges and have the overall aim of guiding you to an experience of mastering the parenting role. Among other things, you will learn to meet the child and his feelings and behavior in a good way, while at the same time setting safe boundaries and safeguarding the bond between you.

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Mother and baby

New mum health check

Both the body and the brain are changing during pregnancy and after a birth or caesarean section. With us, as a mother, you get a health check-up that takes care of both your physical and mental health. You get evidence-based help and follow-up when needed from a doctor and psychologist - well organized and based on your situation. The health check can be done from 6 weeks to approximately two years after the child is born.

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Frequently asked questions

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