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Take care of your mental health

Sometimes life can feel challenging. If you are going through a tough period that affects your sleep, relationships, work or general well-being, you may want to seek help, and work together with a psychologist on how to feel better.

You can easily book your first appointment, and choose if you want to come to our clinic in Vika, Oslo or have your appoinment over video.

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Log in with BankID and book appointment. Please answer a few questions in the app so the psychologist can prepare to meet you.

Talk to a psychologist

It is up to you what you want to talk about. The psychologist will help put your feelings into words. They will give you advice and recommendations on what to work with.

After the session

You can choose if you want your follow-up session at a clinic or over video.

What does a psychologist meeting cost?

We have the same price for appointment over video and clinic. With extra documentation we mean certificates, epicrisis etc. Read more about this under FAQ at the bottom of this page.

45 minutes1375 NOK
Extra documentation, 30 minutes650 NOK
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Our psychologists

It is up to you who you want to book your appointment with. Personal chemistry matters in a therapy session, so please get to know our psychologists, how they work in the sessions and what their main expertise is.

Vi kan hjelpe deg med milde og moderate psykiske lidelser og utfordringer. Om du er usikker på hva du kjenner på, kan du sammen med psykologen komme frem til hva som kan hjelpe for nettopp deg.

If you have urgent thoughts about taking your own life, call 113.

If you experience a problem that you need immediate help with, you should contact the emergency room on 116 117, or another available medical service.

Frequently asked questions

Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Contact us at or call [23 65 34 30] (tel:23653430) and we will help you.