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It is normal to have periods in life where things feel extra difficult, heavy and sad. Sometimes these periods can last for a long time and affect sleep, relationships, work and leisure. Then you may want to ask for help so you can get treatment and get better.

If you want to talk to a psychologist, you can get an appointment with us already this week. Our psychologists have broad expertise and experience. We give you advice and research-based treatment through video calls. You will receive follow-up for as long as you want, of course from the same psychologist.

45 minutes talk time with experienced psychologist

When can we be at help?

We can help you with mild and moderate issues such as anxiety, depression and stress. If you find it challenging to define what is bothering you, we will help you with an assessment.
When you have anxiety, your whole body is activated and for some, the bodily reactions are so strong that you become paralyzed or have pain in the body.
The symptoms and severity vary from person to person. It also varies how much it affects your everyday life.
Stress is a necessary and normal reaction that our body triggers when we are faced with a danger or threat. It is when the stress reaction lasts for a long time that stress can become a health problem.
Being alone and being lonely does not have to be the same. Loneliness is defined as having less close social contact than you would like.
Grief and loss
Grief is a natural reaction to the loss of something or someone that means a lot to us. Grief is more than just ordinary depression or sadness.
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How do I book a psychologist appointment?

Log in the app
Log in with BankID, in the Kry-app for phone, pad or PC. Choose to book an appointment with a psychologist.
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Answer a few short questions and book an appointment that suits you.
We will call you up
You will receive a reminder to log in before your appointment. When it’s time for your video call, the psychologist will call you up directly in the app.
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What does a psychologist appointment cost?

To talk to one of our psychologists, you must be 18 years old.
45 minutes1095NOK

How we work

All our work is based on new and current research. Our psychologists have Norwegian authorization and use evidence-based methods in their treatment.

A recognized methodological framework is cognitive behavioral therapy. Here we work actively with you with problem solving and insight into the connection between thinking, actions and emotions. The goal is to break vicious circles that help perpetuate the mental ailments.

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Questions and answers

If you have urgent thoughts about taking your own life, call 113.

If you experience a problem that you need immediate help with, you should contact the emergency room on 116 117, or another available medical service.