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See a GP by video. In minutes.

  • GP appointments from home, work, or on the go
  • Get medical advice, referrals and prescriptions

Download the KRY app

Download the app and log in with Bank ID. Describe your symptoms, answer some questions and book your appointment.

The doctor calls you

The doctor will call you directly in the app to start the video consultation at your appointed time. You will receive a reminder from us when it's time to log in for your appointment.

Get medical advice, prescriptions & referrals

Our GPs can offer medical advice, prescriptions and referrals to a specialist, if necessary.

We are here for you

Our selected physicians are seasoned GP's with experience from primary care.

Andre Schubert

Andre Schubert

Liubov Glushkova

Liubov Glushkova

Scott Morris

Scott Morris

Pia Kjempengren Ødegaard

Pia Kjempengren Ødegaard

All of our doctors carry a Norwegian doctor's license.


Opening hours

07:00 - 22:00 daily

What does a doctor's visit cost?

The doctor's visit is done through a video call and our experienced doctors can give you advice and - if needed - treatment or referrals.

With a doctor

Adults and children 375 NOK

Health insurance (IF or Vertikal Helse) 0 NOK

Over 1 500 000 patient meetings

We're working towards a highly accessible healthcare system that is equal for everyone. With over 1 500 000 patient meetings we've taken a step in the right direction.

"I booked a meeting and met with a caring doctor almost instantly. Thumbs up to KRY!"

Annika, 67

1 rating star 1 rating star 1 rating star 1 rating star 1 rating star

"I spoke to a very nice doctor who really took the time to listen. Very professional!"

Richard, 38

1 rating star 1 rating star 1 rating star 1 rating star 1 rating star

"Very competent doctor who prescribed my medication right away. Much more convenient than having to wait for hours at the doctor's office."

Andrea, 28

1 rating star 1 rating star 1 rating star 1 rating star 1 rating star
KRY HealthApplication Android 5.0, iOS 10.0

Average rating of the KRY app: 4.9/5