Meet a doctor

With KRY you can easily meet a doctor through a video call, at a time and place suitable for you.

Receive advice, e-prescription, or referral

Pick up your medicine at your nearest pharmacy

For everyone with Health Insurance from IF and Vertikal Health is is free

Open all days 07.00 - 22.00

Doctor's visit for you or your child

What does a doctor's visit cost?

The doctor's visit is done through a video call and our experienced doctors can give you advice and - if needed - treatment or referrals.


for adults and children


For everyone with health insurance from if and vertikal health it is free. it also applies to their kids under 18

Doctor's visit when and where it suits you

We are here for you

Our selected physicians are seasoned GP's with experience from primary care.

Andre Schubert
Scott Morris
Liubov Glushkova
Pia Kjempengren Ƙdegaard

All of our doctors carry a Norwegian doctor's license.

Opening hours

All days 07.00 - 22.00

Doctor's visit on your terms

Over 500,000 patient meetings

We're working towards a highly accessible healthcare system that is equal for everyone. With over 500,000 patient meetings we've taken a step in the right direction.

4.7 out of 5

in patient satisfaction

Doctor's visit for your ailments

When can KRY help?

Below is a selection of symptoms that our doctors often treat.

KRY does not prescribe medication classed as narcotic or addictive. Further we are unable to write referrals if a physical examination is required. If you need sick leave please contact your GP. We do not offer this via KRY.