If you have symptoms, are close contact or have been in a red country, you can unfortunately not book a test at this clinic. You can get tested at Kry Smestad

Book appointment

Book an appointment in the calendar below. Price for rapid antigen test is NOK 695. You can order a medical certificate in addition to NOK 195.

How it works

  • Select the desired hour in the calendar
  • Fill in the required information. It is very important that you are careful and give the correct information when you fill out the booking form, it is this information that will appear on the medical certificate. Pay extra attention to typos in the name and passport number.
  • You pay at the end of the order. If you book less than three hours before the appointment, you will not receive a refund if you cancel.
  • Arrive at the agreed time at the clinic, remember ID
  • Your test result will be available within 60 minutes at You will receive your certificate in the app or by e-mail when the test result is ready

If you do not have a BankID, it is important that you select "No" when we ask about this in the order form. Then we can give you information on how to get your result checked.

Start your booking by selecting a time slot in the calendar below.
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