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Sick leave in Norwegian workplaces has increased by 12.5% in the last year

Long waiting times and lack of capacity in the public health service lead to financial and administrative challenges for employers.

It is the employee's market and difficult to stand out as an employer

With a strong employer brand and increased employee loyalty, you can avoid spending more resources than necessary on recruitment and training.

What can your company save by reducing sick leave by 10%?

A company with 500 employees with a national average in salary and sickness absence of 6.75%, spends an average of NOK 22 million a year on sickness absence. If it is reduced by 10%, it means more than NOK 2 million saved in the year.

Give your employees the tools to take care of their own health

Gp via video
9 minutes waiting time for medical help
Psychologist via video
Appointment the same week without referral
Health telephone 24/7
24-hours nurse counseling
Self-help programs
Strengthen employees' mental health
Health check
Preventive health measures
Physical services
Help with musculoskeletal disorders
Reduce employee turnover
Create an attractive workplace
Work proactively with employee health

Why choose Kry?

No administration for the employer
Always short waiting times and good capacity
Nationwide and cost effective

Employees book themselves, without reference
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Clinic for companies

At our clinic in Vika, we offer everything from regular health checks, to medical, nursing and psychological help.
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It feels good to have started with measures that have been part of a strategic work. We are confident that this offer will give us safer managers and lower absenteeism in the long run.

Kristin Arnkværn, Head of HR at Olivia

Olivia is aiming for a decrease in sick leave

A large part of short-term sick leave in Norway is due to unavailable health care and public capacity. With a digital tool, employees can take care of their own health when symptoms occur, and get advice and help from clinicians with the capacity and time to help.

Nina Wiggen, Chief Medical Officer of Kry

Choose the services that best meet your needs

You have the flexibility to put together the services your employees have access to in the app. Below are three examples of what it might look like.

Quick health care?

For companies that only need the most necessary.

From NOK 64/ month per employee
  • 24/7 Healthline
  • Digital psychologist
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Mental Health

For companies that need to focus on employees' mental health.

From NOK 95/ month per employee
  • 24/7 Health phone
  • Mental self-help program
  • Digital doctor
  • Digital psychologist
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Full coverage

For companies that need both digital and physical services.

From NOK 149/ month per employee
  • 24/7 Health phone
  • Mental self-help program
  • Digital doctor
  • Digital psychologist
  • Physical treatment
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What needs do you have?

With our wide range of health services, we can together tailor a solution that meets your needs.
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About Kry

Kry offers a broad and digital health service to private individuals, companies and insurance companies, and has been in Norway since 2017.

We have around 90 skilled doctors, psychologists and nurses with Norwegian authorization.

With over 6 million completed video consultations, Kry is Europe's largest digital health service.