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Health services for companies

With Kry for companies, your employees get the health care they need, when and where it suits them. Kry offers a broad and digital health service, and is a partner to increase the presence in the company, and make it easier for employees to take care of their own health.

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Our business services

Give your employees the health care they need, when and where it suits them.
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Digital psychologist service for companies
Available psychological help for employees and managers contributes to increased presence in the company. Book a psychologist appointment and get an appointment the next day.
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Digital medical service for companies
With our digital medical service for companies, employees get medical time over video in a matter of minutes - where and when it suits them.
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Our Covid-19 services
We have our own test station at Ensjø in Oslo, carry out corona testing at events, and have a mobile test station that comes to you.
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Physical and ergonomic offer for companies
We offer national physiotherapy and ergonomic service to improve employees' physical health.
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24-hour nursing service for companies
With Krys' 24-hour nursing services, the employees are just a phone call away from help and advice from approved health professionals.


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Why choose Krys´ Healthcare for Business?

We know that many companies struggle with health-related absence - such as medical appointments, challenges related to mental health, and difficulties in staying focused throughout the working day. Kry wants to be a partner to increase employees' presence in the workplace through health services that employees can use when needed. We want to work with the company to increase productivity and make employees happy. Each company can build its own health service with different services that are best for them. Our health is not streamlined, and this is reflected in the opportunities we at Kry offer.

Medical and psychological help via video

Focus on presence in the company. By offering medical and psychological help during the day, when and where appropriate, the absence related to medical hours for the employees will decrease. This offer reduces the administration cost of lost labor. In addition, mental and physical presence can increase employee productivity.

Advice from ergonomics expert over video

With more use of home office and less movement, it is more important than ever to prevent injuries and wear and tear on the body of a neurological nature and in the muscles and skeleton. By including our physical subscription in the health service for your company, we can offer advice from our partners who are ergonomics experts. Such an offer may reduce the conditions for the absence associated with such ailments.

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Tailor the health service to your company

We have a large service catalog, so that the final health service you want to offer the employees is adapted to the company's objectives, finances and the employees' needs. Our digital tools simplify the processes for the company, and also give employees the opportunity to work actively and preventively with their own health.

Employee benefits make the company attractive

A digital health service helps to separate the company in recruitment processes, and shows that the company takes care of and cares for its employees. Such a benefit can strengthen employees' loyalty to the company, and help retain employees.

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