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Health services for companies

With Kry for companies, the company gets a wide range of health services, both digital and physical. This makes it easier for employees to take care of their own health.

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Our business services

Give employees the health care they need, when and where it suits them.
Digital medical care
Get access to a doctor via video in a matter of minutes.
Flu Vaccine
Vaccinate employeesat the office.

Why choose Krys´ Healthcare for Business?

Get a partner who helps to increase the employees' presence in the workplace, through health services that the employees can use when needed.

Medical and psychological help via video

Access to medical and psychological help during the day - when and where it suits the employees - will reduce the absence associated with medical hours and reduce the administration cost of lost labor.

Télémédecine selon les français

Tailor the health service to your company

We have a large service catalog and can tailor the health service to suit their goals, finances and the needs of the employees.

Our focus on good digital tools simplifies the processes for the company and gives employees the opportunity to work actively and preventively with their own health.

Employee benefits make the company attractive

A digital health service helps to separate the company in recruitment processes, and shows that the company takes care of and cares for its employees.

Such a benefit can strengthen employees' loyalty to the company, and help retain employees.


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