Deviations, Incidents and patient injury 2020

A total of 34,735 patient meetings were held in 2020. About 70% of the meetings were customers with health insurance, while the remaining 30% were privately paying.

44 deviations and improvement reports were registered in 2020. Of these, there were 5 improvement proposals, 8 administrative cases and 2 deviations of a technical nature.

Of the remaining 29 medical discrepancies, only one discrepancy was registered as an incident with patient injury. Five deviations were categorized as incident without patient injury and 33 as risk (no incident).

5 deviations were not categorized. No complaints, compensation cases or supervision by the authorities were registered.

The deviations were mainly reported by administrative employees in Kry, only 10 deviations were reported through the deviation module which is linked to through the doctors' work tool Care Portal.

This may indicate that deviations are often called in to the nearest manager or support, instead of the person who discovers the deviation reporting it himself.

Possible reasons for this may be that the notification form is either too little known in the organization, or that it is not user-friendly / intuitive to fill it out.