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It's great that you take your health seriously. When self-help programs are not right and adequate, it is important to get the mental health care you need.

If you need to talk to someone quickly, you can check if your insurance company covers 24/7 crisis psychology according to current terms. If you have urgent thoughts about injuring yourself or taking your life, you should always contact emergency services by calling 113 or contacting the local emergency room on 116 117.

Our doctors can help with referrals

Be aware of the current terms, what issues and scope are covered by your insurance, and whether you are required to obtain a doctor's referral to use the psychology coverage.

If you have any questions regarding this, contact your insurance company for clarification.

If your insurance covers digital medical care with Kry, our doctors can help assess the need for a referral free of charge. If the insurance does not cover your medical services in Kry, you can still get help from our doctors for a fee. Your GP can also help you with a referral.

Report a case and wait for approval

All insurance companies require that a claim be created and approved before seeking psychological treatment to have the treatment covered or reimbursed. Therefore, always report a case and await approval from your insurance company before you consult a psychologist.

As a rule, you can file a case online via the insurance company's website for treatment insurance. You can also call the insurance company to speak to a caseworker.

In case of ambiguity or questions, contact your insurance company.

Are you not covered by insurance or do you not get your case approved?

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Do you need to talk to someone? Get the help you need through video chat with one of our experienced psychologists.

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About Kry

Kry offers a broad and digital health service to private individuals, companies and insurance companies, and has been in Norway since 2017.

We have around 90 skilled doctors, psychologists and nurses with Norwegian authorization.

With over 6 million completed video consultations, Kry is Europe's largest digital health service.