Practical information and prices

Here you will find prices, information about what we can and cannot help with, as well as answers to other common questions.

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Choose a psychologist, book the desired type of appointment and choose whether you want the appointment in a clinic or via video.

Talk to a psychologist

It is up to you what you want to talk about. The psychologist will help put your feelings into words. They will give you advice and recommendations on what to work with.

After the session

You can choose if you want your follow-up session at a clinic or over video.

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What does a meeting with a psychologist cost?

We offer calls via video and at the clinic for the same price. We recommend that the first conversation with the psychologist lasts 90 minutes. This is to ensure that the psychologist gets to know you/you well, and needs are mapped and assessed. Then you have better conditions for a good collaboration. After the first lesson, you can also choose other lesson lengths.

Extra documentation means certificate, epicrisis, summary etc. Read more about this under questions and answers at the bottom of this page.

Price list

First time consultation – 90 min2885NOK
Individual therapy – 75 min2400NOK
Individual therapy – 45 min1475NOK
Couples therapy – 90 min3125NOK
Couples therapy – 75 min2615NOK
Couple therapy – 60 min2100NOK
Family therapy – 90 min3125NOK
Family therapy – 75 min2615NOK
Family therapy – 60 min2100NOK
Parental guidance (1 person) – 90 min2885NOK
Parental guidance (1 person) – 75 min2400NOK
Parental guidance (1 person) – 45 min1475NOK
Parental guidance (2 persons) – 90 min3125NOK
Parental guidance (2 persons) – 75 min2615NOK
Parental guidance (2 persons) – 60 min2100NOK
Extra documentation – 30 min700NOK
Extra documentation – 60 min1400NOK

This is what we can help you with

If you are unsure of what you are feeling, together with the psychologist you can come up with what can help you exactly. Our psychologists welcome all age groups and offer individual sessions, couples therapy, family sessions, and guidance for parents.

Difficult emotions
Life stresses
Brooding and worry
Self development
Work related challenges
Leader development
Relational challenges
Couple relationships
Relative role
Family life
Anger management
Eating disorder
Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Postpartum depression
Maternity leave
Involuntary childlessness
Children and youth
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Frequently asked questions

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