Quality project 2020

Continuous improvement is part of the work of the quality team, and because Kry has been a small organization, many of these improvement works have not had the status of quality projects.

Of major initiatives in 2020, we can mention the following:

The journal note project

Throughout the year, there has been a focus on good quality of journal notes in general as well as for skin problems in particular. Implemented measures:

  • Webinar on journal notes

  • Systematized quality review with qualitative assessment of journal notes as a separate item, among other things, the use of PSOAP structure was emphasized. This was also included in the individual feedback to our clinicians.

Referral Project

A collaborative project with Vertikal Helse was initiated in the summer of 2020, after a review of referral practice showed a high and increasing number of referrals, especially among patients with health insurance.

Quantitative data were collected and in addition, Vertikal made qualitative assessments of referral notes sent to them from Kry. This was published in an interim report, and a new data collection was planned for the spring of 2021.

The referral project was gradually closely linked to the journal note project, as we saw that quality improvement of journal notes was also important for good referral quality and referral practice.

Start-up and evaluation of chlamydia home tests

In connection with the introduction of the possibility to order home tests for chlamydia through the app, a thorough quality work was done to assess, plan and test this service.

An evaluation was also carried out 13 weeks after start-up, where the improvement point was identified.