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Tjej i soffa pratar med psykolog online

Doctor appointment on your phone

Get the health care you need, when and where it suits you.

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Why choose Kry?

Appointment whitin 30 minutes
At Kry you get quick help. Get your doctor's appointment within 30 minutes.
Doctor appointment right in your pocket
Have your doctor quickly available directly on your mobile or PC.
Get help where you need it
Get help through the Kry app whenever and wherever you need it.
Get advice and prescription
Get advice and prescription from our professional doctors at Kry.

How does Kry work?

Book appointment
Download the app and log in with BankID. Choose doctor. Let us know what you need help with and book an appointment.
We call you up
You will receive a reminder to log in before your appointment. When it’s time for your video call, we will call you up directly in the app.
Get the right care
We will give you advice, treatment and prescriptions if needed. Most problems can be solved. If not, we will refer you to the right level of care.
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Opening hours

07:00-22:00 in app every day
08.00-16.00 on weekdays at clinics

The patient in focus

At Kry, we work for accessible care for all. With innovative solutions and with strong commitment, we show the way to the healthcare system of the future - always with the patient in focus.
Great first time experience with Kry!
This was absolutely amazing! Took less than 10 minutes from the time I downloaded the app until I had received help!
Good doctor. So nice, understanding and efficient!
Get the medical care you need today
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We are here for you

Our selected physicians are seasoned doctors with solid experience from primary care. You can also choose to have your appointment in 10 different languages.

Gabriela Fortes

Enayat Tokhi

Pia Ødegaard

Lada Vlaski

What does a doctor appointment cost?

Our services cost the same for children and adults. If you have [insurance] ( you could have the fee fully or partly covered.
ServiceIn appAt clinic
Doctor appointment375 NOK745 NOK


Contact us at or call support at 23 65 34 30 if you do not find the answer to your question.