Children and young people

Many young people experience difficult periods and challenges related to mental health, and it is not always easy to open up to those closest to you, or to solve all problems yourself.

In such periods, many people can greatly benefit from talking to an outside professional, getting some new tools, perhaps some guidance, or just support to reflect freely and find new opportunities.

In collaboration with the psychologist, you find out what you want to focus on and get help for, and together you make a plan for the way forward. The goal is to support a good life and positive development

Therapy for children and young people are offered via video or at our clinic in Vika in Oslo. You do not need a referral from a doctor to book an appointment.

Who is this offer suitable for?

Conversations with a psychologist are suitable for children and young people who experience difficulties and challenges that they are unable to handle on their own or with the help of their loved ones. Through mapping and assessment of the kind of difficulties and challenges the individual experiences, the psychologist will assess what type of treatment and measures should be initiated. The psychologist can also assist by referring to public mental health care for children and young people if there is a need for this.

Difficult emotions
Regulation difficulties
Social difficulties
Demanding family situations
Difficult relationship with body or sexuality
Challenges with food
Self image

Important information before you book an appointment

Before you book an appointment for children and young people, it is important that you are familiar with the limitations and frameworks that we, as a private operator, have.

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Mikaela Lindgren

Mikaela has a degree in psychology and is currently specializing in child and youth psychology.

Through several years of experience in the Specialist Health Service and the private sector, Mikaela has worked with a wide range of difficulties, problems, and therapeutic directions.

She is an expert on working with children and young people, families, and couples.

She can offer conversations to children, young people, and adults. Mikaela accepts individuals, couples, families, and parents who want guidance. She can offer conversations in Norwegian and English and to Swedish and Danish-speaking clients.

Sidrah Mukhtar

Sidrah offers consultations exclusively via video.

Sidrah is a specialist psychologist with several years of experience in mental health care from BUP (child and adolescent psychiatry) working with children and families. She has extensive expertise in the assessment, evaluation, and treatment of mental disorders. In addition, she has experience from PPT (pedagogical psychological service) and child welfare services.

Sidrah offers sessions in Norwegian, English, Urdu/Punjabi, and Swedish.

- Book the first session here (90 minutes via video) - Book a standard session here (45 minutes via video)

Price and information

We recommend that the first conversation with the psychologist lasts 90 minutes. This is to ensure that the psychologist gets to know you well, needs are mapped and assessed, and you have better conditions for a good collaboration. Further appointments are then set up as needed.

First time consultation – 90 min2885NOK
Individual therapy – 75 min2400NOK
Individual therapy – 45 min1475NOK
Family therapy – 90 min3125NOK
Family therapy – 75 min2615NOK
Family therapy – 60 min2100NOK