Jørgen Mathias Leinan

Jørgen has good expertise in sleep disorders, anxiety disorders, depression and crises. He works daily at the Adult Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic in Tromsø, where he works with a wide range of difficulties.

He has previously worked with occupational psychology in the occupational health service and in the Armed Forces.

Jørgen trained as a psychologist at the University of Tromsø.

Sidrah Mukhtar

Sidrah is a psychologist in child and adolescent psychology and has worked for several years in the child and adolescent psychiatric outpatient clinic (BUP).

She currently works at the District Psychiatric Center (DPS) and treats adult patients. She has extensive experience with various patient groups struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, burnout and life crises; as well as difficulties related to children/youth/family.

As a treatment basis, she uses cognitive behavioral therapy and adapts the therapy according to the individual's needs.

Rikke Marie Kvaale

Rikke has worked in all parts of the specialist health service for both adults, children and young people since 2015. She specializes in organizational psychology and works in Frisk Spesialist on a daily basis.

She has extensive experience with stress, life challenges, mental difficulties and disorders such as trauma, relational problems, existential crises, fatigue, anxiety and depression, psychotic disorders and grief.

Rikke received her education as a psychologist at the University of Aarhus and a master's degree in cultural and social psychology at UiO.

Remi Høiseth

Remi has worked extensively with people in crisis, struggling with trauma, addiction, or complex, mental disorders.

On a daily basis, Remi works with abuse against children and adults, at the Special Outpatient Clinic at Gaustad in Oslo. He previously has extensive experience in drug treatment work.

He is a biologist and psychologist at the University of Oslo.

Anne Helene Trippestad

Anne Helene has 35 years of experience as a psychologist, both from the public sector and from her own private practice.

She has extensive experience, and has treated adult patients with trauma, depression, anxiety, burnout and life crises. Anne Helene often uses cognitive techniques to treat depression and mindfulness related to anxiety problems.

She trained as a psychologist at the University of Bergen.

Solveig has extensive experience from both the District Psychiatric Center (DPS), municipal work and private practice.

She has worked with children, youth and adults, including couples and families. Solveig has also worked at Samtalen AS and the family center. She has experience in treating people with various anxiety disorders, depression, grief and stress management.

Solveig is concerned with adapting the course to the patient's needs and wishes.

Hanne Dahlberg

Hanne has experience working with a wide range of disorders, including anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. She is particularly interested in stress regulation and the prevention of mental disorders.

In addition to her job in Kry, Hanne works as a psychologist at the Adult Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic in Tromsø, where she meets patients in crisis or with long-term ailments on a daily basis.

Annanthan Arumugam

Annanthan has extensive experience in mental health care and currently works at a general psychiatric outpatient clinic affiliated with Oslo University Hospital.

He has experience with short- and long-term therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and metacognitive therapy. His background has contributed to experience and understanding of a diverse patient population with a focus on a holistic treatment approach.

Annanthan has great interest to patient groups who struggle with anxiety, depression and stress, among other things.

Kari Hollup

Kari started her career in prison care where she has worked in prison in both Norway and the Netherlands. In addition, she has over five years of experience from the municipal health service, as well as many years of experience from drug treatment.

She has a lot of experience with ADHD, aggression problems and various issues in drug treatment.

Kari currently works at the Tyrilistiftelsen, in addition to being an online psychologist in Kry.

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