Ariana Alic

I specialize in treating adults with psychological issues and have several years of experience in public mental health services. With further education in trauma treatment, I use an integrative approach to tailor the treatment to your needs. I focus on understanding both your challenges and strengths to find the best way to help you.

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I'm experienced in

Stressful life experiences
Racing thoughts
Relationship difficulties

I work with clients who are


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First-time consultation
90 minutes, 2885 NOK
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45 minutes, 1475 NOK

Get to know Ariana

Background and Education
I graduated as a psychologist from the University of Oslo and am currently specializing in the treatment of adults with psychological issues. I have additional training in trauma treatment and mastery-focused group therapy. I have several years of experience in the assessment and treatment of adults in public mental health services.

In the Therapy Room
As a psychologist, I focus on building trust and safety in the therapy room so that you feel it is a space where you can share your challenges and difficult topics. You will find a psychologist who is curious, warm, and honest in meeting you. I aim to understand both your difficulties and strengths, so we can together find the best way I can help you achieve the changes you desire in your life.

I use an integrative approach, which means I draw on elements from various therapeutic orientations to best tailor the treatment to each individual. I particularly draw inspiration from:

  • Cognitive Therapy

  • Emotion-Focused Therapy

  • EMDR

  • Mindfulness

Practical information and cost

Information about prices, what we can and cannot help with, as well as answers to other common questions, can be found by clicking here.

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