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Who is couple therapy for?

Couples therapy is for anyone who wants to improve or repair their relationship. Regardless of the reason, both partners should desire a positive change and want the relationship to work.

The therapist helps you become aware of negative patterns, create positive interactions, and manage emotions that affect the relationship. The goal is to experience more security and positive feelings, improve communication, and be better equipped to handle challenges together.

How can the therapist help us?

Couples therapy is for all couples who want to improve, work on, or repair their relationship. Regardless of the reason or when you seek help, both parties should have a desire for a positive change and for the relationship to work. The therapist helps you become aware of patterns, create good interaction and deal with emotions that affect the relationship. The aim will be to experience more security and positive feelings, better communication, and be better equipped to deal with challenges and conflicts together.

Communication problems
Recurring conflict
Different priorities in life
Loneliness in the couple
Lack of intimacy
Sexual challenges
Lack of romantic feelings
Involuntary childlessness
Transition to cohabitants, parents or pensioners

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Read more about and book an appointment for couples therapy with one of our psychologists. If you prefer a video appointment, select this option when scheduling your session.

Pia von Hirsch

I have worked as a psychologist for over ten years and have always been particularly engaged in what happens between people. I am now specializing in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples, which research shows is effective for couples who wish to reconnect.

I am an active, clear, and genuinely engaged therapist, focused on building a strong alliance with both of you, so that both partners feel secure and find value in attending the sessions. Together, we will figure out what is needed to resolve the issues, prevent future challenges, or strengthen the positive aspects you already have.

Pia has a waiting list but is now accepting new couples. Contact our support if you wish to schedule couples therapy with Pia

Ida Rolfsnes

As a couples therapist, I am dedicated to understanding the couple's history, their ups and downs along the way, highlighting any conflict patterns that may influence their dynamics, and through increased insight, helping them feel more secure in sharing their feelings and needs with each other. I believe that couples therapy is for everyone and is a valuable investment for all couples – no challenge is too small. As long as it matters to the individual couple, it is important.

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Emilie Meyn

I am an engaged and proactive therapist who will meet you in a curious and non-judgmental way. I focus on adapting to your needs and integrating various methods and approaches based on your requirements. However, I have a particular preference for a psychodynamic approach to change work, where the focus is on exploring unconscious feelings and thoughts and understanding how past experiences can give meaning to current difficulties.

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Kristoffer Kostveit

As a couples therapist, I focus on the full history of the relationship and the values and practices that were the foundation when you decided to become a couple. What did you build your relationship on? What drew you to each other and made you a perfect match?

I emphasize the relationship's history to understand the meaning behind the current conflicts or difficulties. By exploring this landscape together, I aim to create awareness of what the relationship may need to move forward and assist you in this ongoing work.

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More couples therapists

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Picture of psychologist Ada Leistrand
Ada Leirstrand
Ada welcomes individuals aged 16 and older. She is an expert in psychodynamic therapy, but also has experience in cognitive behavioral therapy and emotion-focused methods.
Fanny Thorne
Fanny offers conversations to people aged 16 and over. She uses cognitive therapy together with elements from other treatment methods.
Picture of Are Grov
Are Grov
Are offers counseling to individuals aged 16 and above. He specializes in psychotherapy and in treating all types of anxiety disorders. He provides ACT, a form of cognitive behavioral therapy, and is further trained as a metacognitive therapist
Mikaela Lindgren
Mikaela welcomes children, young people, families and couples. She has experience within a wide range of difficulties, issues and therapeutic directions.


The first appointment you have with the psychologist is a 90-minute conversation, to ensure that the psychologist gets to know both of you well and what challenges you have. Further appointments are then set up as needed. Choose a psychologist below and find an available appointment in the calendar.

Couples therapy – 90 min3125kr
Couples therapy – 75 min2615kr
Couple therapy – 60 min2100kr