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Pia von Hirsch

I am a trained psychologist with a specialization in clinical psychology and organizational psychology and leadership. I have worked with therapy, supervision, counseling, knowledge sharing, and as a professional leader. I have extensive experience from specialist health services, child welfare, and family counseling, dealing with a wide range of mental disorders and life difficulties. Additionally, I have a yoga teacher certification and am currently pursuing a specialization in couples therapy.

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I'm experienced in

Work related challenges
Self management

I work with clients who

Are 16 or older
Speak english
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Waiting list

Pia has a waiting list for individual sessions and couples therapy. Please contact support@kry.no if you want to be added to her waiting list.

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In the Therapy Room

As a psychologist, I strive to create a safe relationship that forms the basis for good collaboration and the changes you desire. I am active as a therapist and committed to truly getting to know you, so that together we can understand and find the best way forward for you.Choosing therapy is choosing yourself, but it can be challenging - I will do everything I can to take good care of you.


My therapeutic approach is integrative, meaning I aim to tailor the treatment to the individual and offer an evidence-based alternative.I have extensive experience with many different forms of therapy and draw inspiration and techniques from, among others:

  • Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT)

  • Mentalization-Based Therapy (MBT)

  • Cognitive Therapy (various types)

  • Mindfulness-Based Therapy

  • Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP)


I am a trained psychologist from the University of Oslo and Copenhagen, with a specialization in clinical psychology, and organizational psychology and leadership.

Client Feedback

I received treatment from Pia for relational challenges, rumination, anxiety, and sleep problems. Pia's method and demeanor make it very natural for me to open up and speak freely. After a few sessions, I noticed a significant improvement and gained both increased quality of life and motivation. I have been helped to see things in new ways, gain better understanding/acceptance of my own emotions, and acquire techniques to continue working on my own. Cannot be recommended warmly enough. - Man, 35 years old

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