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Welcome to our travel clinic at St. Olavs plass in central Oslo.

Here you can get travel vaccines and advice from experienced health personnel, adapted for your particular trip.

With expertise in tropical and travel medicine, we ensure that you are well equipped for a safe and worry-free trip.

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Travel vaccination in Oslo

At Kry Reiseklinikken, we offer regular travel vaccinations. Here, we also have special expertise for those who need advice on tropical medicine, altitude and diving sickness, wilderness medicine and safety for travelers going on safari or other high-risk trips. The clinic is led by doctor Gunnar Hasle, specialist in infectious disease medicine, with over 30 years of experience within travel and tropical medicine.

Which vaccines do I need?

Here you can read about recommended travel vaccines for various destinations. We follow FHI's recommendations and do not give you more vaccines than you need.

How it works

Call us on 22 99 15 80 if you can't find an appointment that suits you, you don't have a Norwegian social security number or you need to book an appointment for a seaman's or offshore certificate.

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Our services

Tropical medicine
Wilderness medicine
Maritime medicine
Advice on safety and health for travellers
“Fit for travel” assessments
Offshore certificate
Seaman's certificate


The total price for the vaccination is made up of: appointment price + price for each vaccine + administration fee per vaccine.

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Our experienced doctors and health personell look forward to helping you

Gunnar Hasle


Sunniva Stenmark


Aicha Aibo


Expertise in travel and maritime medicine

Gunnar Hasle

Gunnar Hasle started the Travel Clinic in 1999. With a background as senior physician in the infectious diseases department at Ullevål Hospital, studies and extensive experience in tropical and travel medicine, he works actively with public information work in the field.

Hasle has personally trained the staff at the clinic, and sets high standards for professional competence so that patients receive the information they need and no more vaccines than necessary.

Maritime medicine

If you are going to work on ships, oil platforms or trawlers, you must present a doctor's certificate stating that you are in good enough health to perform your job at sea and are not a threat to safety on board.

We have two authorized seamen's doctors and a petroleum doctor at the Kry Reiseklinikken who carry out such health examinations, and issue seaman's, pilot's and offshore health certificates.

Call us to book an appointment. Price: 2500 NOK

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