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Get personal guidance and follow-up from a doctor to successfully achieve your target weight.

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How we help you lose weight

We want to help you to achieve a good health that can last a lifetime.

Personal follow-up: The same doctor will follow you from start to finish. Through conversations, weight, blood tests and other examinations, you will monitor how your health improves along the way. Your doctor will regularly look at what you can and should do to ensure you reach your targets.

Targets based on your starting point: You and your doctor will set targets based on your current health, and in the process we will both challenge you and facilitate the creation of new, healthy habits. With a holistic approach to weight loss, we will try and understand you as a whole, and see and acknowledge the person behind the number on the scale. We will work together to help you make lasting lifestyle changes, with a focus on diet, activity, rest and mental health.

Motivating and healthy: The journey towards your desired weight should be motivating and healthy for both your body and mental health. We will focus on creating a lifestyle change that lasts, and is adapted to the life you will today.

We can help you wherever you are: We offer our program at our clinic in Vika in Oslo, or digitally over video. You can also combine the appointment types if you wish. It will be the same doctor who follows you the whole journey. From the 7th of February we will also offer our program at our clinic at Bislet Bad.

Personal follow-up over 6 months

Read more about how we will work together to achieve your weight reduction and lifestyle changes.

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If you wish to complete your appointments over video, you will have to take measurements and pay for your blood tests yourself. The price for appointments over video is therefore lower. The cost of potential medication is not included in the price. The appointments can be conducted in English.

Appointment typeOver videoAt clinic
Mapping session + follow-up conversation2695NOK2995NOK
Further consultations845NOK995NOK

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"I'm finally able to make some long-awaited lifestyle changes!"
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"I have managed to change the way of thinking that if you make one bad choice, then everything is in vain and that you might as well continue with bad choices."

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