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Weight loss with Kry

Help with sustainable weight loss
Lifestyle change - not strict diets
Follow-up from a personal doctor throughout the journey
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How we help you lose weight

We want to help you to achieve a good health that can last a lifetime.

Personal follow-up by the same doctor throughout: The doctor you meet in the mapping session is the same doctor who will follow you throughout the whole journey. She will support you, give advice and challenge you if needed. Through conversations, weight, blood tests and other examinations, you will monitor how your health develops along the way. The doctor will do everything she can to ensure that you reach your goals, and help you make lasting lifestyle changes, with a particular focus on diet, activity, sleep and mental health.

Targets adapted to your life and your wishes: It is important and motivating to have concrete goals that you can work towards and eventually achieve. Everyone is different and has different goals and wishes for their health and life. Therefore, you and your doctor will set goals based on your starting point, experiences and wishes for your future. With a holistic approach to weight loss, we will try to understand and see all of you, and adapt your treatment plan accordingly.

Lasting changes: The path to the desired weight loss should be motivating and how we do it should be healthy for both the body and your mental health. Together, we will also try to find the cause of the overweight and work concretely with it, in addition to more general lifestyle changes. This will increase the chance that the changes are permanent.

We can help you wherever you are: We offer our program at our clinic at Vika in Oslo, or digitally over video. You can also combine the appointment types if you wish. It will be the same doctor who follows you the whole journey.

I'm glad I met the doctor at Kry. She has done more for my physical and mental health in 2 months than a handful of doctors have managed in years.
Leif (47)


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How to get started

All consultations can be done over video or at our clinic in Vika in Oslo.

Book mapping session

Book your first mapping session with one of our doctors, Laure-Elodie Anquetil or Charlotte Salter.

Mapping session

Talk to the doctor about your motivation for weight loss, your weight history and any illnesses. We also take measurements and blood tests to get a good picture of your biology.

Guidance and start-up

The doctor has received the blood test results and gives you a recommendation on the treatment plan and the way forward. Together you will agree on which membership suits you best so that you achieve your goals.

Choose membership and start treatment

Through one conversation a month, you get personal follow-up, advice and guidance from your doctor. If you need more conversations with a doctor or other healthcare personnel, we can set this up for an additional cost.

Book mapping session

Laure-Elodie Anquetil


Charlotte Salter


Randi Norheim

Clinical Nutrition physiologist
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Membership and prices

The cost of any medication and extra consultations with a nutritionist, coach, doctor or psychologist is in addition to the membership price.


1590 NOK over video │ 1690 NOK at the clinic

Through a thorough assessment of your health and biology, the doctor creates a treatment plan and goals together with you. This is the basis for the way forward on your health journey.

If you want the mapping session and follow-up conversation via video, you must pay for blood tests and take measurements yourself. The price is therefore lower over video.

Book a mapping session

Guidance and start-up

40 minute conversation with your doctor where you go over the blood test results and create a treatment plan to ensure you reach your goals.

Depending on the doctor's recommended treatment plan and your goals, you choose the membership that suits you best.


  • 1690 NOK over video
  • 1690 NOK at the clinic

Membership for 6 months

949 NOK per month at the clinic and over video.

For those who want to commit to long-term treatment and follow-up.

  • Conversation and follow-up with a doctor once a month.
  • Medical advice and guidance on diet, activity, sleep and mental health adapted to you and your goals.
  • Prescriptions for the latest drugs for weight reduction (after assessment by a doctor), and follow-up while you are taking them.
  • Conducted over video or at a clinic in Oslo.
  • Possibility of interdisciplinary help from a coach, psychologist or nutritionist (additional cost applies).

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