Patient feedback on Weight loss with Kry

Birgit (54)

I have tried most things to lose weight with no success. Eating less, drinking water, shakers, fasting, but nothing I've tried has helped. I chose Ned i weight with Kry because I think it was tempting to try to lose weight with the help of professional advice and guidance over time. At Charlotte I have received good advice regarding diet, exercise and sleep, as well as medicine to help me get started! It has made me more aware, while at the same time it is good to know that someone is "following" me and giving good advice along the way. It's nice that I can carry out conversations and follow-up digitally. Now I am very conscious of what and how much I eat, that I drink enough water and get enough sleep. I can probably still get better at getting out to train, but I'm excited for the journey ahead!

Lise (44)

After trying various things to lose weight for the last 8 years without success, I thought that getting follow-up from a doctor with experience in lifestyle is really worth a try. In the past, I have, among other things, tried to follow various advice on diet and exercise, in addition to the VG Vektklubb. At Kry, I think it's good to get personal guidance and suggestions for changes that suit my life. I'm still early in the process and far from the goal, but I've started to make changes in my everyday life that I've managed to keep for now!

It has helped me a lot.
Pasient hos Ned i vekt

I have managed to change the way of thinking that if you make a bad choice then everything is in vain and that you might as well continue with bad choices. I have also gained a different view that I can choose an excess, without it being shameful.
Pasient hos Ned i vekt

I am finally able to make some long awaited lifestyle changes.
Pasient hos Ned i vekt