Patient feedback on Weight loss with Kry

Birgit (54)

I was skeptical at first. Why would this work when nothing else had worked before? But it was different this time. Medical follow-up from a doctor who had good insight into my state of health and continuous, personal follow-up from her made a huge difference.

Bjarne Ringstad (55)

My goals before starting the program were simply to get better: be able to do the things I love, be active, ski with my friends. I wanted a good mood and weight loss if possible. In my first meeting with the doctor, a comprehensive examination and status of my health situation was carried out. Based on this, a complex program was drawn up which consisted of dietary guidance, exercise goals and medication per week. Along the way, I received follow-up from the doctor who I felt was personal, and that I was seen and understood.

My doctor set expectations for me, and through these managed to create motivation for me. I am left with a lifestyle change that will last a lifetime. I have learned a lot about myself and what is good for me through the establishment of motivation, which has been professionally explained by the doctor. My focus was to achieve as much as possible of better mood and shape, and the weight loss I have experienced is a nice bonus!

Leif (47)

I'm glad I met the doctor at Kry. She has done more for my physical and mental health in 2 months than a handful of doctors have managed in years.

Martin (40)

I have gotten my energy back. I can share the joy of exercise with my children and have incorporated habits and a system so that I am able to prioritize what is good for my own health.

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Maria (51)

I would recommend anyone in the same situation as me to contact Kry, inquire about the opportunities they can offer and start a new and better life with them! I have previously tried a lot of different things to lose weight, but it has been more project-based and something I was just looking forward to getting done. At Kry, I have gained insight into the fact that weight loss is not a project, but a lifestyle change with a focus on lasting change in mindset and eating patterns.

My goal when I started the program was to lose weight by changing my diet so that I could feel better about myself. Through dietary tips and motivation through conversations with my doctor, in combination with weight-reducing medication, I have lost weight, experienced the desired progress and changed my thinking pattern. The doctor has good expertise, I have received good follow-up and was taken seriously as a woman in menopause. I have appreciated the opportunity to be able to choose between both physical attendance and conversations via video. The focus has been that this should be a lasting change, where I can eventually stop taking medicine and continue living healthy with diet and exercise. Now I am left with a slimmer body, a better mood, a broader insight into diet and nutrition and much better motivation.

James (46)

After a few months with Charlotte I have lost a lot of weight, but I also feel like I have much better understanding and control over what I'm eating, why I'm eating it, and how to manage having regular exercise as part of my life. I still have a journey ahead, but with the framework I've built with her help I feel like I'm on the right path and I can manage it.

Woman (35)

When I met my doctor for the first time, I hardly slept, had paused my studies and could hardly manage to work. I now have energy for both work and studies, in addition to exercising, meditating, cooking and realizing my dream of having a dog. The difference is huge, and of so much more importance than the number of kilos I've lost. There is still a way to go with the weight loss, but with the measures I have taken and the tools I have received from my doctor, I feel that there is a real opportunity to succeed. Many thanks to my doctor who really listened and understood, who met me with respect in a demanding and shameful situation, and all the good tools I received along the way!

I had always thought that I needed to take medication, starve and exercise every day to reduce weight and improve health. Thanks to Kry, I've now achieved this with conscious eating habits, window eating and regular exercise, especially without strain or discomfort. Feeling good both physically and mentally.

I chose Kry because I knew I would get help quickly. In the past I have tried Grete Roede, Herbalife, calorie counting and low-carb. At Kry, I get follow-up that is easy to live with, and I also get help from medication. I feel that my mood is more stable, that I am happier and more energetic.

I chose Kry because I liked that it was a holistic perspective and a focus on quality of life rather than a temporary "cure". I have managed to change the way of thinking that if you make a bad choice then everything is in vain and that you might as well continue with bad choices. I have also gained a different view that I can choose an excess, without it being shameful.

I chose Kry as their website gave me a very good impression. The program has helped me a lot.

It was the only medically managed and individual offer. I am finally able to make some long awaited lifestyle changes.

I notice that I keep the motivation for changes up more with close agreements. Thank you for creating this concept!

Thank you for fantastic support on my health journey.
Dame, 36 år

I chose Kry to be able to work with a doctor with my weight, and I think this is what set the offer apart from other things I've tried or seen advertised for.

Kry and Charlotte are good at seeing the whole person and focusing on how to live your best life while changing your lifestyle.
Mette, 52 år

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